Similar to other kinds of automation, SEO automation uses software that help lower human labor. SEO automation tools offered by us compile a broad range of findings into one dashboard, which makes it easier to digest information.

Automation is one of the most powerful and essential forces that help shape digital marketing today. Today the majority of the companies use some kind of marketing automation. If case you haven’t invested already, you must think about using these tools.

You can make your website more customer-focused

Search Engine Visibility
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
₹ 459.00 / per month

Bring more traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimization.

  • Search Optimization: Improve search engine rankings with keyword and suggested topics tool
  • Keyword suggestions: Get personalized phrases and words to add to increase traffic to your website and help it rank better.
  • Tracking your ranking: Track the progress of your website’s rank on Google over time
  • Create your sitemap: Customize, create and submit a site map to aid search engines in crawling your site.

Optimize for search

Taking help from the SEO experts at Hostiger, you can improve your site’s ranking on all major Search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Keyword suggestions

We suggest high-value and personalized keywords that can help make your website look more accessible. More customers can access your website in case it is ranking high on various search engines.

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Track your rankings

Track the Ranking of your website on Google by the time.


Spotlight your business

You can provide a quick snapshot of your company info using Google My Business to the existing and future customers.

How it works


First of all, we examine our customers’ websites and then look for various alternatives to optimize their website on different search engines like Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing®.


We use those keywords, phrases, etc. that are high in demand and can help the website’s search rankings. The better your website ranks, the better it will be for your business.


You can implement the suggestions given by the experts at Hostiger to witness significant growth in your traffic. Effective SEO helps a lot in improving the business’s accessibility and its raking as well.


Our tracking dashboard is designed specially to allow the business to track their records and can see how your business moves up in search engine results. You can get timely updates related which can prove helpful in your business.

Want SEO done for your business? Let the experts do the task.

Quicker implementation

The automated tools offered by us will help you to make your website look more SEO-friendly and accessible. You have to accept the suggestion which might look for your business and the required changes will get implemented on your website.


We are well aware of the latest market Trends

Based on the compiled data, we prepare the best immediate plans in your business that can help you serve your customers happily. Now you can easily track your websites’ ranking on several search engine portals.

We help set your Google My Business easily

By listing your Business on Google My Business, your customers can easily get important information related to your business. The company’s information like the company’s address, business hours, etc. can become assessable.


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