Domain Registration

Domain Registration



.digital is the place for downloads

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Let the world .in

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Modern business runs on the .cloud

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Do good with a .org domain

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Get the world’s most popular domain

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Create, innovate and express.

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Start something with .io

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Get a domain that’s all business.

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A domain with your dedicated brand name comes with all you need to get online.

• Domain Forwarding and Masking: Get any domain name and direct it to your own website. It becomes your website address on online platforms and whenever anyone types that domain name into their browser is taken directly to your website.

• Domain Locking: Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and also stops anyone from redirecting your name servers.

• DNS Management: With a single control panel you can easily manage your Domain name server (DNS) records and able to Set your email, sub-domains, FTP, and website location.

• Change of Registration: You able to assign your domain name to someone else or can change the contacts for your domain name whenever you want.

• Status Alert: By enabling status alert you able to Monitor your domain status online and get instant alerts if there’s been any change or any irregular activities.

Domain Disclaimers
When you purchase an entire section there will be Special Savings apply to your first year of Registration.
The final price of the product may differ because of fees, additional sales, and promotion.
We provide Auto Renew Protection so your product will auto-renew until you disable the auto-Renewal feature by visiting your account.
A fee may be charged on change of registration for certain domains.


Domain name registration

Choose a domain name
 Choose from a wide range of Domain Extensions (e.g.; .com, .in, .net, .co. in, and many more) that match your business goals, ideas, and brand.

Domain Hosting

Select a hosting plan
We provide web hosting at a low cost to our new and existing customers.

Online Website builder

Setup a website
Our Technical support team will assist you in setup your Website.

Domain registration


Enables your business to customers’ reach!

Domain name enables to make your Website visible to the customers on Browsers. It provides a user-friendly, clean and convenient option to access your Website. A simple and descriptive website always put an impact on the customers and looks great on business cards.

Get Better visibility and exposure on the browser

with a Service-based keyword-rich domain gives an instant boost to your SEO efforts from the get-go!

Personalized Email Addresses

An email Address like put an impressive approach towards your email communication. Its professional structure of email addresses also makes your business trustworthy and will take seriously by the people.

Secure your identity, Ideas, and Business

Prevent your online identity from hijacking by others. Secure it today if you have a plan to build a website later.

Calculated investment

Get a business-related keyword domain for your business and explore your business.

DNS Management

DNS management
Manage your DNS records, Email, Sub-domains, Website Location, FTP, and More.

Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding
Forward people to any website you want by typing your domain name in a browser.

Domain theft-protection

Domain Theft Protection
Lock your domain with Anti Theft protection so it will not transfer without your permission.

Domain Control Panel

User-friendly control panel
Easily manage your Domain and other products with our intuitive control panel.

Simply type the website address you’d like to register in the search box. If the name you entered is already taken, we’ll provide a list of alternatives. If the domain is available, complete the registration procedure by following the on-screen instructions.

Absolutely! Hostiger’s domain name search tool can help you find what you’re looking for by providing suggestions and other options.

A domain’s length is usually limited, with the least being 1 character and the maximum being 63 characters. Your domain name should, in theory, accurately reflect your brand, whether it’s personal or professional. We provide some suggestions for choosing an excellent domain.

  1. To see if a domain name is available, simply type it into Hostiger’s search bar, and we’ll tell you if it’s already taken.

  2. If it’s already taken, use our WHOIS Lookup to look for your domain name.
  3. Use our Name Broker Service to have us negotiate with the present owner of the domain.

We also provide a Domain Backorder service, where you can buy a credit that will give you a chance to get the domain you desire when it is up for auction.

A small number of domains will be restricted, meaning you may only buy them if you satisfy or exceed specified criteria or have permission (some examples are .gov, .edu and .mil). However, the majority of extensions are free to use. In reality, even if you don’t live in the country code in issue, most country code Top Level Domains ccTLDs are available for purchase by anyone.

You’ll get a free domain if you buy an annual GoDaddy Web Hosting plan or any yearly GoDaddy Managed WordPress package.

When you add a hosting or WordPress plan to your cart, you’ll be able to choose between monthly and annual periods. If you want to acquire the free domain, make sure you sign up for an annual term.

To proceed to the next step, click Continue with These Options at the bottom of the page. You’ll notice a search box here where you may seek for the domain name you desire.

Simply add the domain to your cart and go to checkout once you’ve discovered the name you want.

*Pricing excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees. Discounted prices will reflect in the cart.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at 1-800-1210120


Hostiger is a leading provider of web-presence solutions to small businesses, professionals and individuals. We provide our clients a complete suite of products that help them establish & grow their online presence. Our product platform represents 10+ years of investment in technology R&D and powers over 6 million domains.



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Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is a very important part of your planning to join the digital world. A domain name is an exclusive address of your website that can be found by your targeted and potential customers on the Search engine. Domain Name registration is the process of buying a domain name. Hostiger has millions of domain name registrations to its credit. We will help you out to Search a Domain Name for your Business or Organization with best TLDs.

How is Hostiger different in Domain Registration?

Choosing a domain name for your business is a very confusing task, especially for the newcomers who don’t have any prior experience. At Hostiger, We help you to Search Domain Availability of your Business names  including all the widely demanded TLDs like .net, .me, .biz, .info, etc. We also help to search domains for other countries like .au, .es, .uk, etc.
As an experienced domain registration service provider, we knows the needs of the clients so as we tailor our services according to their needs to check domain name easily. Along with Domain name registration, we also provide various value-added services and free products.

24*7 technical assistance

Hostiger provides 24/7 technical assistance to their customers. Our technical team always available to provide comprehensive support to our clients. The client queries are addressed shortly and resolve their issues efficiently.

Reasonable Pricing

Hostiger provides services that value for your investment. We provide a competitive domain name registration. We provide very economical domain registration services with the following advantages:

Effective online presence at cheap rates

Ideal domain solution for any type of domain need

Assistance for the desired domain names availability

Need help?

For more details regarding Domain Registration or Domain Availability, feel free to contact us on 1800-121-0120 or click on the ‘chat’ button to get in touch with one of our representatives.
*Pricing excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees

Domain Disclaimers

Special savings apply only to first year of registration. You must purchase entire section to qualify for special savings. The final price may differ because of additional sales, fees, and promotions. Products will automatically renew until cancelled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your account. Change of registration may require a fee for certain domains.

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